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Heat Treatment


An Abu Dhabi energy company that required a fast turnaround on components contacted British Heat Treatments, to quote for a specific oilfield tool supplier company’s nitrocarburizing specification.

The specified process is carried out on steels, stainless steels, cast irons and Inconel components that require better wear resistance, improved corrosion resistance and anti-galling properties depending on the parent metal, on this occasion the components were Inconel.


The energy company arranged for DHL global forwarding to fly the work into Glasgow and after clearing customs they brought it to the BHT East Kilbride facility.

The QPQ (nitrocarburizing) process consisted of:-

  • Completely cleaning and drying the parts

  • Pre-heating before immersing the components in a salt melt for a predetermined time.

  • Removing the parts from the salt melt and quenching in an oxidising bath till the reaction was complete.

  • The parts were then water cooled and mechanically polished.

  • The process then requires the component to be preheated and quenched back into the oxidising bath.

  • The parts were then washed in an agitated bath containing an aqueous detergent solution this removed any residual salt left after the final quenching.


The final stage is a visual inspection before dipping in a de-watering fluid prior to packing for transport.

DHL were then contacted and the components uplifted and flown back to Abu Dhabi,

The two and a quarter tonnes of component were turned round in six working days from arrival at BHT.

BHT have been carrying out contract heat treatment for over 40 years both nationally and internationally, and are one of the few companies in the world that are on the approved supplier list for this company.


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