Specialised Welding

AJT's fully equipped, in house welding workshop has the capability to carry out all variants of SMAW, SAW, GTAW and FCAW processes.


Welding Services

At AJT Engineering, all welding processes are carried out in accordance with pre-qualified, 3rd party endorsed, weld procedure specifications. The specifications are compliant with ASME, AWS and ISO specifications.

A full complement of manual process equipment SMAW (shielded manual arc welding) & FCAW (flux cored arc welding) is supported by semi-automatic SAW (submerged arc welding) booms and state of the art GTAW (gas tungsten arc welding) hot wire cladding stations.

Inhouse welding engineers

We have our own inhouse CSWIP and Specialist Welding Engineer who can:

  • Providing consulting services to clients and coordinating multiple welding projects
  • Designing and optimizing welding processes, procedures, equipment, and techniques
  • Performing quality analysis and checking for weld defects and their causes
  • Planning, supervising, and documenting welding operations using relevant drawings, codes, or contracts.
  • Conducting research to develop new or improved welding methods and products.
  • Revalidate welding qualifications.

Our welding process

Our capabilities include 7,965ft2 of welding shop area with overhead cranes allowing 20Te single lift.

SAW welding equipment with a boom capacity to 3000mm diameter and a maximum working length for tubular weldments of 30,500mm.

GTAW cladding in carbon, inconel and stainless steel  to 3000mm diameter and 3000mm length.

SMAW & FCAW processes can be carried out on any structure or component within the overhead crane capacity.

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