We provide complete engineering solutions across the UK's most regulated industries - including oil and gas, nuclear, and rail. Our quality standards, combined with a dedicated team of engineers ensures we provide robust engineering solutions at every level.

Oil and Gas

Serving the Oil and Gas sector since the first discoveries of fossil fuels in the UK. We provide a range of Engineering Services including the repair and testing of a variety of drill through and pressure control equipment to new manufacture.

With extensive manufacturing and testing facilities, we are able to provide a complete service to our Oil and Gas clients who include all of the major Original Equipment Manufacturers within the sector.

With the ability to provide repair and new manufacturing services of Blow Out Preventers, Risers, Connectors and Flanges, Tubing and Casing Hangers and a variety of critical offshore and onshore  equipment all to the highest quality standards expected by our clients. AJT Engineering is an approved repair facility and as such holds approved and preferred vendor status from all of our long established and new clients.

Power Generation

Working with our clients to provide the new manufacture of a range of equipment used in the Power Generation sector utilising 3 of our core Engineering Service provisions; heavy machining, specialised inlay welding and high integrity fabrication. Manufacturing a range of Boiler Circulating Pump (BCP) equipment, including; Motor Cases, Motor Case Covers and Pump Cases, along with a variety of specialised items to support the assembly and testing of the BCP at our clients facilities.

All of these items are safety critical and are used in power stations all over the world, so are manufactured to exacting standards, ensuring the highest quality is achieved.

The manufacture of Subsea Motor components is also a part of our service offering and includes the heavy and complex machining of stainless steel materials including castings, forgings and weldments.

Flow Control

Concentrated on the new manufacture of various components used predominantly within the Valve sector, AJT Engineering is able to provide a turnkey service utilising its in house machining and specialised inlay welding capabilities to deliver finished Valve Bodies and associated Flanges to our clients.

The ability to undertake every element of the manufacture in house, eliminating the need for any sub-contract operations has been key to growing our client base in this sector. Typically, the Valve Bodies will require a weld inlay process which utilises our hot wire cladding stations and potentially will include pre or post weld heat treatment, both of which are undertaken under one roof at our West Tullos facility.

The ability to machine relatively simple Valve components to providing a turnkey service of complex components to exacting standards, tolerances and finishes ensures we are the first choice with our clients in this extremely competitive market.


This highly regulated sector poses significant challenges that often see the specifying of legacy materials that may well be virtually obsolete and therefore extremely difficult to find. At AJT Engineering, we are able to take on the sourcing of these materials for our clients within the Nuclear sector and can then provide a finished item to the original specifications.

Working predominantly with Original Equipment Manufacturers who supply many of the Nuclear power stations across the UK we provide manufacture to print services that include sourcing materials, machining and fabrication, all of which are supported by the highest levels of documented controls required by this sector.

It is not unusual that projects within the Nuclear sector can take months, if not years, to be approved, so a long term and patient view is taken to ensure we are able to support our clients.

Research and Technology

This sector usually sees requirements for one off components to demanding and bespoke designs that are often difficult to manufacture. Working with our clients we offer advice on design for manufacture to ensure we are able to offer this unique service in a competitive manner. Very often a quick turnaround is required so the ability to source materials quickly and carry out the manufacture is critical to working in this sector.

It is not uncommon that once the components have been used for various testing, they are then beyond further safe use and are therefore scrapped. This obviously makes this sector price conscious, but these components need to be manufactured to ensure that once in use, will stand up to the rigours of the test regimes.

AJT Engineering is able to provide these services to the Research and Technology sector and continues to grow in this market.


AJT Engineering Limited are involved in the manufacturing, maintenance, and repair of hydrogen electrolysis and storage products. Hydrogen is gaining increased attention as a clean and versatile energy carrier, and its applications in transport, energy storage and power generation play a significant role in the transition to a more sustainable energy landscape. AJT are engaged with Scottish Enterprise to deliver Hydrogen Expert Support Program.

Hydrogen energy


AJT Engineering Limited is actively involved in maintaining and repairing both land-based and offshore wind assets. The wind energy sector is a critical part of the renewable energy transition, and the reliability and efficiency of wind turbines are key factors in ensuring sustainable power generation. Actively engaged with ETZ ( to deliver our Fit for Offshore Renewable (F4OR) program.

Wind sector´╗┐

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