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With over 76 years' experience, and two divisions covering a wide range of engineering capabilities, the AJT Group is one of Scotland's premier multi-disciplined engineering organisations.

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At AJT, we are dedicated to the pursuit of engineering excellence and innovation, pioneering a sustainable energy future.

We combine our expertise in oil and gas with a relentless focus on renewable energy: Hydro, wind, hydrogen, amongst other green energy solutions. We serve our clients by leveraging our technical expertise to solve complex challenges, optimize processes and drive progress in a multitude of business sectors.

Our mission is to lead the way, as a trusted partner, in transforming the energy landscape, ensuring a seamless transition from traditional fossil fuels to clean, renewable sources. Through the journey with our customers and collaborative partners, we are committed in fostering a culture of continuous improvement, environmental responsibility and ethical conduct, ensuring our enduring contribution to a brighter and more sustainable and greener future for all.


AJT Engineering

AJT Engineering Ltd’s Head Office and two principal engineering facilities are located in Aberdeen on the West Tullos and Altens Industrial Estates. With a total site area of 5 acres and a workshop floor area of 70,000 square feet equipped with 12 overhead cranes with a maximum single lift of 30 tonnes, our Engineering Division's capacity and capability are unrivalled in the North East of Scotland.

Site Services Division

Located in Souter Head Road & Blackness Road, our Site Services team have been working in Hydro Generation & Utilities sector for over three decades. We are now growing our services provided into hydrogen, wind and green energy industries while supporting our existing client base.

Our core values

Our values bind us together as a team and inspire our service, actions and behaviours internally and externally.



we are committed to exceeding expectations through relentless innovation and unwavering customer focus. Our dedication to continuous improvement fuels our desire to create exceptional experiences, ensuring the utmost satisfaction for our valued customers.



we prioritise your experience above all else. We understand that every interaction is a step in your unique story, and we are dedicated to making each moment memorable. With a focus on your needs, we accompany you on your path, providing exceptional service at every turn.



we value collaboration not only within our business but also with you, our valued customer. Together, we achieve greatness. We listen to your needs, work together internally, and bring our collective expertise to deliver solutions that surpass your expectations. Your satisfaction is the result of our unified efforts, making you an integral part of our winning team.



we guide with a vision that puts you, the customer, at the forefront. Our commitment to excellence shapes every interaction. We proactively anticipate your needs, inspire innovation, and set industry standards. Through our leadership, we elevate your experience, ensuring you receive unparalleled service and solutions that inspire confidence and trust.



our relationship with you, our customer, is the cornerstone of our success. We value the trust you place in us and work tirelessly to honour it every day. Transparent communication, unwavering reliability, and consistent delivery of exceptional products/services define our commitment. Your trust is not just our core value; it's our promise, ensuring that every interaction and transaction is grounded in integrity and your peace of mind.



we are dedicated to fostering growth, not just within our organisation but also in the experiences we create for you, our customer. We are committed to understanding your evolving needs, adapting our services, and innovating solutions that match your progress. Your journey is our focus, and through continuous development, we ensure that every interaction contributes to your success and satisfaction.


Corporate Social Responsibility

The board of AJT Engineering Ltd has set its corporate responsibility in line with Camellia Plc group’s policy on corporate social responsibility.

Business Integrity

One of our core values is to act honestly, fairly and with integrity and respect in all business dealings. Acting lawfully and honestly is fundamental to our business philosophy.


To respect the dignity and well-being of all those people who work for us.

It is AJT Engineering's policy to understand and comply with all employment and occupational health and safety legislation.

Corporate Responsibility Statement


One of our core values is to promote environmental sustainability & biodiversity.

We recognise that our processes can cause an enviromental impact. These processes have been identified and are managed responsibly.

AJT Engineering will ensure that its environmental policy and objectives are established and are compatible with the strategic direction and context of the company.

Our environmental policy will be made available to any interested party on request.


To respect and contribute to the community through volunteering in environmental community projects.

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