Preservation & Preventative Maintenance


Preventative Maintenance Services

AJT Engineering along with the assembly and testing of customer pressure equipment also offer Preservation and maintenance of equipment.

We can apply both customer specific and API requirements.

We offer the provisions necessary to ensure customer pressure equipment is maintained and protected from damage, harm or deterioration. 

Preservation includes regular inspection and recording of status as well as undertaking the necessary corrective action to ensure that the plant and equipment are maintained to the same condition as when they left the factory.

The maintenance process

  • Perform inspection of received equipment for damage and integrity
  • Conduct regular inspections of designated equipment to ensure that they are stored and protected properly
  • Manage equipment storage and maintenance records
  • Maintain the storage environment
  • Perform and record required preventive maintenance to specified procedures.
  • Procure and store customer specific preservation and maintenance materials.
  • Facilitate a regular inspection by the customer or delegated 3rd party for compliance with preservation procedures.

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