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Site Services 

In February 2017, AJT Engineering established a new division, offering a full range of services from Project Management, design & fabrication of bespoke gates, screens, structures and pipework to mechanical overhaul of hydro power stations across the UK


The site services team have been working in the hydro generation and utilities sector for over three decades and our engineering team have built up a combined experience in excess of 200 years. Our highly skilled workforce specialises in providing full turnkey solutions to all our clients. 

We work closely with all our clients to ensure all our projects are completed safely, on programme, and to budget. 

Supported by our dedicated fabrication shop, mechanical & fitting shops, machine shops and large pressure testing facilities all accredited to ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015, we can offer our clients a market leading service second to none.


Capabilities at a glance

Our experienced team has played key roles in large scale hydro-electric schemes and specialise in providing services such as design, supply, manufacture, refurbishment and site installation of:

·       ASCV valves

·       Band Type Screens

·       Coarse Screens

·       Control gates

·       Cooling Water Systems

·       Dispersal valves 

·       Dock Gates

·       Draft tube gates

·       Drainage Systems

·       Drum gates

·       Drainage Systems

·       Electric Actuators

·       Emergency roller gates

·       Fine Screens

·       Fish pass gates

·       Freshet Gates

·       Hydraulic Systems/HPUs/Accumulators

·       Intake Gates

·       Intake screens / structures

·       Lifting Beams / Frames

·       Main intake gates

·       MIV valves

·       Mechanical overhaul

·       Plant / Equipment Guarding

·       Platforms / Handrails

·       Penstock refurbishment

·       Pipework systems

·       Radial Gates

·       Relief valves

·       Rittmeyer Flow control / monitoring    


·       Rittmeyer Level / Position measurement

·       Rittmeyer Penstock rupture monitoring


·       Screen cleaners / trash rake systems

·       Smolt Screens

·       Stoplogs

·       Winches & Gearboxes

Our Site Services team have been in partnership with Rittmeyer for over a decade and we are the UK distributor for their products ranging from level and flow measurement, to positional measurement, to full pipeline rupture monitoring systems. Please visit their website for product information at: alternatively please contact us



AJT Engineering Reliability Accreditations
AJT Engineering Reliability Accreditations
AJT Engineering Reliability Accreditations
AJT Engineering Reliability Accreditations
AJT Engineering Reliability Accreditations