AJT Engineering Limited are involved in the manufacturing, maintenance, and repair of hydrogen electrification and hydrogen generation products.

Hydrogen energy sector

Hydrogen is gaining increased attention as a clean and versatile energy carrier, and its applications in electrification and generation play a significant role in the transition to a more sustainable energy landscape. AJT are engaged with Scottish Enterprise to deliver Hydrogen Expert Support Program.

Here are some considerations and key aspects related to manufacturing, maintaining, and repairing hydrogen electrification and generation products:


Ensure adherence to quality standards and safety regulations during the manufacturing process.

Utilize advanced materials and technologies to enhance the efficiency and reliability of hydrogen generation and electrification products.

Hydrogen Generation

Explore different methods of hydrogen generation, including electrolysis, steam methane reforming, and biomass gasification.

Focus on the scalability and efficiency of hydrogen generation processes.

Electrification Systems

Develop and implement advanced electrification systems that use hydrogen as a clean energy source.

Consider applications such as fuel cells for power generation and hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Maintenance and Repairs

Establish routine maintenance schedules for hydrogen generation systems to ensure optimal performance.

Have a proactive approach to identify and address potential issues through regular inspections and monitoring.

Safety Protocols

Prioritize safety in the maintenance and repair of hydrogen-related equipment. Hydrogen is highly flammable, so safety measures are crucial.

Training and Certification

Provide training for our team to handle hydrogen-related systems safely and effectively.

Ensure that technicians are certified to work on hydrogen systems and are familiar with industry best practices.

Collaboration with Experts

Collaborate with experts in hydrogen technology and work closely with our suppliers and partners to stay abreast of the latest advancements.

Regulatory Compliance

Stay informed about and comply with regulations related to hydrogen production, storage, and usage.

Efficiency Optimization

Continuously work on optimizing the efficiency of hydrogen generation and electrification systems to improve overall performance.

Environmental Impact

Consider the environmental impact of hydrogen production methods and strive for sustainability in our processes.

Given the dynamic nature of the hydrogen industry, staying informed about the latest developments and trends is crucial. Collaborating with research institutions, industry associations, and technology providers can provide valuable insights and support our company's growth in this emerging sector.

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