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Industrial Surface Treatment

AJT offer complete surface engineering solutions which provide comprehensive corrosion protection through enhanced/modified engineering properties


Our service includes 30,000 ft2 of industrial surface treatment facility with multiple coating vats enabling hard chromium plating, electroless nickel plating and electro-chemical nickel plating to be carried out supported by in-house grinding capability for pre and post plate machining.

Capabilities at a glance

Nickel Plating
Nickel provides a protective layer with excellent corrosion protection exhibited due to the impervious nature of the deposit. This deposit is particularly useful for the reclamation of components (thicknesses of 0.100” are not uncommon) and can provide an optimum engineering solution for wear and corrosion protection when HCP is applied as a duplex system.

Hard Chrome Plating (HCP)
Surface hardness in the region of 1000HV provide a strong and resilient surface treatment and the deposit provides for a low co-efficient of friction with excellent mechanical properties. HCP can be applied to a variety of thicknesses dependent upon functional requirements. Superior to HVOF processes owing to atomic adhesion forming strong metallic bonds between substrate and plated layer.

Turning, Milling, Machining and Grinding
Our facility can undertake all aspects of machining related to our surface treatments. This facilitates a “one stop shop” and can also provide for “turnkey” solutions for new manufacture projects.

Electroless Nickel Plating (ENP)
The uniformity of the layer realised through the ENP process is particularly useful for complex component shapes. Corrosion protection and resistance are excellent additions. Our High Phosphorous system produces low stressed deposits and further provides for good ductility. Salt spray testing identifies a performance > 1500 hours is the norm

Diffused Nickel
This form of ENP and exacting heat treatment “staging” provides for a totally encapsulated system. Corrosion resistance is excellent, with salt spray tests abandoned after 2000 hours, with no corrosion being evident. Marine environments particularly useful surface treatment.



AJT Engineering Reliability Accreditations
AJT Engineering Reliability Accreditations
AJT Engineering Reliability Accreditations
AJT Engineering Reliability Accreditations
AJT Engineering Reliability Accreditations